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Individed is based on a five step process that helps us better understand and support the emotional well being of our children and young people.

We share our 8 Individed characters help us to explore the various emotional needs, learning preferences and communication needs of children and young people. We use them to share and model ideas and opportunities that promote and facilitate emotional resilience.

We recognise that the teachers and families that support children and young people are often under immense pressure to support children's emotional well being and can often find themselves in circumstances where they are both time short and knowledge poor.

Individed is designed to make interactions between families and teachers more focused, outcome oriented and emotionally supportive. 

The starting point for Individed is a variety of quizzes and assessments that allow us to understand children's preferences and needs. It gives us the chance to understand what impacts children's well being, how familiar they are with their emotional health and what impacts and acts to protect their emotional resilience. We explore various facets of emotional well being and avoid using one dimensional likert scales that can be limited in the information the offer us. Our assessments are designed to be accessible to children from 4 to 14 years with a variety of learning ages and preferences. 

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The way we understand and communicate our physical health needs is based on measurement which allows for clarity, objectivity and an efficient assignment of resources. The Individed platform allows us t assign measurements to our emotional well being so that we are able improve our understanding of and the efficiency of our response to the mental health of children and young people. Our quizzes and assessments measure our emotional responses in variety of contexts and settings to provide a panaromic view of children's emotional needs.

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Our quizzes and assessments provide us with a detailed understanding of a child's mental health and emotional resilience. We can use the measures to understand each child's psychological preferences and emotional needs. It allows us to understand how to improve emotional well being whilst developing our resilience and maintaining good, long term mental health. Insights can be used to provide personalised advice and coaching strategies to children, parents and teachers via the Individed platform  and sets the parameters for guidance, resources and recommendations.

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Our resources accompany our personalise recommendations, advice and coaching. The interactive worksheets and engaging vieos are used to help children and young people effectively consider their behaviours, evolve their thinking and develop emotional resilience. They are based on a variety of psychological practices that are used in counselling and therapy.  Resources can be completed by children independently or with the support of their teachers and/or family. The help shape conversations around emotional well being, suggest protective factors and develop key traits and skills like confidence, empathy, gratitude and control. 

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Our comprehensive reporting function was initially designed to show the positive impact the individed platform has on children's mental health and emotional well being. However, our reporting function also helps individual teachers and parents create personal development plans for children and easily monitor emotional well being an mental health whilst helping inform school's strategic planning and development. The reporting can be used to guide a whole school approach, measure standards across local authorities and find strengths and weaknesses in individual teachers allowing schools to utilise strengths more effectively. 

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