Help me with set up

Using your Individed Portal should be simple but we realise there are times when technology doesn't work quite as we want it to. If you are struggling to set up your individed portal or are having technical challenges with it's usage, please get in touch by emailing us at Alternatively, you can call us directly on 0203 538 8054

Help me with well being

Throughout the Individed Portal, we use a traffic light system to indicate the general mental health and emotional well being of children and young people. Although we have aimed to provide practical and personalised advice and guidance throughout the portal, we realise more resources can be useful. They are free to access and download on our Traffic Light page.

Help me with characters

The Individed portal relies on the help of our Indivded class. Our 8 characters share their own traits, their experiences of learning and the ways in which they can manage their emotional well being. We hope that connecting with the characters creates a useful narrative and provides some valuable insights around individual's unique needs and preferences. You can learn more about our Individed class and access free tools and resources by visiting our Characters page.