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Updated: May 3

Cami Cat can be very dominant in her nature which is can make her a very good leader. At the moment, it is likely to mean that she is keen to remind others about the rules and restrictions relating to Covid-19. She will probably feel very frustrated by people not following the rules and will become increasingly more angry and agitated as rates increase. In her frustration, Cami may be nasty or unpleasant to the people around her that are not adhering to the rules.

Fritzi Frog is naturally focused on survival and is independent and resourceful in his nature. Although it is likely that he will easily adapt to the rules and restrictions Covid-19 has created, he may struggle to find focus and motivation to engage in usual tasks and learning whilst he is at home. Fritzi, and children like him, are likely to be incredibly astute about the impact of Covid-19 and think that it is likely to cause such significant and substantial change in the future that his current education will become redundant.

Chidi and children like her are incredibly sociable and are likely to find the restrictions enforced as a result of Covid-19 incredibly challenging to adhere to. Without an audience, Chidi will really struggle to thrive and will find it increasingly difficult to express and manage her emotions without regular interaction with her friends and family.

Utilising technology like Zoom and facetime will be absolutely imperative for children like Chidi and it is important that parents facilitate interactions wherever possible.

Dixie will be incredibly sensitive to the Covid-19 situation and you may notice that Dixie and children like him are more likely to withdraw, reflect and worry about the current pandemic. Dixie is likely to be very worried about his friends and family. He will appreciate the opportunity to do kind things to let those people know he is thinking of them. Dixie is likely to worry about people in need and may also want to find a way to help those. He might appreciate the opportunity to donate pocket money, food or care packages to the most vulnerable individuals in his community.

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