• Cami Cat

Understanding Education

Updated: May 3

When we think about education, and the roles schools and teachers play in our children's development, we can often assume that school is simply where our children 'learn'.

An education is where we shape our children's understanding of themselves, their normalisation of ambition, achievement and reward. Education is the place in which confidence is nurtured; where friendships are made and where a self identity is determined.

And so, when we begin to understand education, we also begin to understand exactly what is being lost and compromised when a child's education is compromised and we must become able to respond to children that are missing their education and replace some of the lessons, experiences and support that can not be replicated via online learning platforms.

Naturally, it is almost impossible to support children until we know exactly how they have responded to the changes and until we are able to know the specific support the need. The Individed platform is designed to help teachers and parents easily assess the specific components of their education that children are missing so that they can know the most effective ways to support them.

The worksheets, resources and activities the Individed class have created can then be used to 'plug in the gaps' and support, maintain and develop children's emotional well being where Covid-19 may have caused a gap.

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