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Helping with Intervention

Helping with Implementation

Helping with Insight

When a child's behaviour suggests that they are in the 'red' mental well being zone, it is essential that immediate interventions are implemented and offered. It is likely that these children will be incredibly vulnerable and in a state of crisis. They will need immediate support and it is likely that the support they receive will need to be robust, multi faceted and long lasting. Our Intervention information pack is designed to help you know how to get this care for children with the support of various agencies and experts.

When a child's emotional well being is in the 'amber zone', it suggests that they have some challenging thoughts and feelings that are beginning to impact their daily lives. Although, these children can present as mentally healthy, it is important that they are e tools and resources that will help them understand and support their emotional health. Our Implementation pack is full of information, ideas and resources that will help children and young people be actively aware, and proactively caring of, their mental health and wellness.

Children who are in the green mental health zone are currently mentally well and present health thought processes and emotional insight. Although these children don't have any immediate need for mental health intervention or support, it will be useful to teach them about their own mental health and that of others. It can be useful to help these children recognise and record the ways in which they are able to maintain good mental health and what may help them overcome challenges in the future. Our Insight pack is designed to help you know how to do this with children and young people.